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SPITA ResQ-tape is specially designed for:

water lekkage
Emergency repair of all kind of leaks in pipes, tubes and hoses
Prevention against damage caused by failing sealings (shock proof)
Protection of all kind of connections against moisture / corrosion
Durable weather proof high electrical insulation
(also UV-resistant)

SPITA ResQ-tape is available in various configurations:

pressure max 12Bar diameter up to 35mm
insulates 12kV per layer
pressure max 8Bar diameter up to 25mm
insulates 8kV per layer
pressure max 8Bar diameter up to 25mm
insulates 8kV per layer
pressure max 12Bar diameter up to 75mm
insulates 12kV per layer

pressure max 18Bar diameter > 75mm
insulates 15kV per layer
insulates 7,5kV per layer
excellent arc & track
UV & weather proof

insulates 8,5kV per layer
profile of ribbons for improved grip on tool handles & railings
create your own O-rings or replacements for original rubber parts

changes color when hydrogen (H2) leak is detected

Examples of use of SPITA ResQ-tape:


connection of different (diameter) hosessealing of all kind of leaks in oil and petrol hoses
protection of rope ends (also as anti-slip on handles)sealing leaks in radiator or cooling hoses during a journeysafest electrical insulation tape for indoor and outdoor usesealing waste water connections (avoids smell)

SPITA ResQ-tape is also good for:

  • Emergency repairs on all vehicles and machines
  • Repairs on boats
  • Sealing fittings
  • Non-slip grip on tool handles
  • Can be used under water
  • Creating O-rings
  • Marking of lines and chains
  • Corrosion protection
  • Wipping rope ends
  • Keep it on board for emergencies
  • Electrical insulation of wires and connectors
  • Waterproof electrical connectors and terminals

Other ResQ-products are:

ResQ-plast is an easy plaster / bandage for everyday use and can be applied on wet, dirty or oily skin.
ResQ-plast sticks only on itself (such as Velcro) and is permanently breathable and elastic, making it comfortable and safe to use .

Silicone putty for making O-rings and numerous other objects as replacement for old rubber objects.
Can also be used as a filler of large gaps in combination with ResQ tape .
ResQ spray protects motor and electronic components, as well as all metals against moisture.
ResQ spray repairs malfunctions in electronic connections, which are caused by moisture.

ResQ spray does not dissolve in water, but penetrates the moisture layer and forms a durable protective layer.
The easiest rope, where no knots are needed. The rope is secured by passing the end through three consecutive "eyes" into the rope . Adjusting to the correct length is also very easy. The color of the rope determines the strength!
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