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This section contains all useful information for our dealers / distributors.

SPITA ResQ tape is useful for almost all companies and can therefore be sold in many markets. It is a service product that offers a solution as sealing tape for leaks in all kinds of hoses, pipes and tubes.
Also as insulating tape for electrical applications it offers a very high dielectric strength compared to other tapes.
It is also perfect for waterproofing all kind of connections and it offers protection against corrosion.

For different markets we are still looking for potential distributors. If you may have interest to become one, we will welcome your application.

  We have different starter packages available:
  - starter package  ResQ-tape Professional

  - starter package  ResQ-tape Classic 25

For each market we usually appoint only 1 or 2 dealers based on the potential volume of the market.

We offer the possibility to conclude a dealer agreement in which all commercial terms and conditions are recorded.
However, we prefer a handshake agreement, which we confirm by e-mail.
Our motto is: A DEAL = A DEAL !!

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